Trash Chutes: Pest Breeding Ground

Property/Resident Managers face risks like building violations, unsightly odors, and fire hazards daily. Dirty or un-maintained trash chutes can cause all of these problems at one time. With that being said, they’re totally avoidable and affordable within today’s budget and management constraints - all you need is a little help from us.

Island Bin Cleaners has developed a comprehensive trash chute cleaning and maintenance program designed to meet your businesses budget objectives. We deliver a turnkey service utilizing our specialized teams of certified technicians.

Why does Island Bin Cleaners Clean Trash Chutes?


Tenants discard unsuitable items into trash chutes. Some items are flammable (paints, thinners, etc.) while others adhere to the sides of the chute.


Everyone is concerned with odors that emanate from trash chutes and permeate the hallways and stairwells of buildings, leading to complaints.


Many of the items found in trash chutes contain organic waste ingredients, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and disease-causing organisms to thrive and spread.

What is the Island Bin Cleaners Process?


Using a degreaser, we pre-soak the chute system, floor by floor, to loosen both inorganic and organic debris and soften the materials which may have adhered to the chute walls.

Power Wash

We steam power wash (at 190 degrees) the entire chute system, using Island Bin Cleaners Mosmatic high pressure cleaner, a powerful disinfectant formulated with premium natural, scum-eating, odor-eliminating microbes that contains no harsh chemicals or odors.


We apply an enzyme treatment to the chute that feeds on bacteria and other residue, and then the system receives a comprehensive deodorizer.

Island Bin Cleaners Trash Chute Cleaning Process

Benefits of Trash Chute Cleaning with Island Bin Cleaners:

  • Utilizes proprietary 190 degree steam and hot water treatment
  • Eliminates odors, germs and disease
  • Abolishes a major breeding ground for vermin, roaches and rodents
  • Includes a powder-dusting of chutes and compactors with insecticides by a licensed exterminator
  • Offers maintenance agreements with quarterly dusting and deodorizing services

How Often Should Trash Chutes Be Cleaned with Island Bin Cleaners?

We recommend that trash chutes be cleaned twice a year, summer and winter, especially before and after major holidays, but it depends on the amount of trash your tenants are throwing away. Call us and we can schedule a time to go over your needs.

Our Solutions Keep Us Accountable

We provide comprehensive quality assurance and project documentation, collected through our technicians’ hand-held technology. All current and historical project data are accessible by you through our web-based customer portal. We provide 24/7 accessibility through our in-house call center and can escalate any emergency within our internal structural protocols.Learn more about our process!!


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